Christophe Grandsire wrote:

> To take a contrived example, if I give you "U", "R" and "I", what do you think
> of? Well, my engineering trained brains immediately recognises Ohm's Law: U=RI.

Wow, I always think of Ohm's law as R=I/V.   To me "URI" suggests
Uniform Resource Identifier, one of those things beginning http://
or ftp:// or urn:.  (The ones that don't begin with urn: are
Uniform Resource Locators, or URLs.)

Why U for voltage/electromotive force?

> I disagree. The big power of grammar is to be able to make us understand new
> information, even with lack of reference. It's typically what makes languages
> open systems instead of closed ones (even compounds are the semantic
> appropriation of grammatical relationships).


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