> On Monday 28 January 2002 07:40, Michael Poxon wrote:

> I know most of us design our languages for "higher things", but
> whilst having a bath recently and looking at the many translations
> of everyday instructions, I thought it might be fun to turn some of
> them into Omeina, so here goes:-
> Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with
> water.

Hmm... here goes with "Unnamed conlang #45a"

<Ielidaudr fooseinyedhigh eedyes efsu cemvany. Dhaa gcuiteideithej
foosendadhigh fiin-heigh mair esna efliaeteiner auur-jaa!>

In the X-SAMPA, two vowels preceeeded by a period are a dipthong, else
there is a hiatus.

iElid.aud4            fo:s.EiJeDiG               e:J\es Efsu kEmvAJ
Ielidaudr             fooseinyedhigh             eedyes efsu cemvany.
avoid-imp.continuous  X-contacting-Y-with-Z-ness of-it  your eye-dative
Always-avoid          there-being-contact        of-it  with-your-eye

DA:  g.uit.Eid.EiTEZ             fo:s@ndaDiG                fi:n h.EiG
Dhaa gcuiteideithej              foosendadhigh              fiin-heigh
if   happen-perf.subj.impersonal X-contacting-Y-with-Z-ness thus-formal.genitive
If   has-happened                contactedness              thusly

m.ai4 EsnA Efli.aet.EinE4 .Au: ZA:
mair  esna efliaeteiner   auur-jaa!
then  it   rinse-imp.perf wash-atavism.intensely
then  it   have-rinsed!   rinsing-thoroughly!

> For best results always cook from frozen.

<Dhee tetaeenth ar auncush uu mhaugh fau ecoejenar vaegeinedhighned ve olsneve>

De:         A4  .AunkuS     u: w.auG
dhee          tetaeenth        ar  auncush     uu mhaugh fau
clause-marker be.fut.subj.perf the outcome.abs most-good so-that
"that"        it might be      the best result           "so"

Ek.oEZna4            vE olsnEvE
ecoejenar     vaegeinedhighned            ve olsneve
cook.imp.perf freeze.perf.pres.noun.instr freeze.atavism-it.instr.adj
cook          (employing it having been frozen                      )