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Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 9:44 AM
Subject: Re: A sample of my newborn conlang

> On 30 Jan 02, at 8:57, Y.Penzev wrote:
> [Cyrillic Es with descender/Ze with descender]
> > Unfortunately, though I've got a pretty rich collection of *free* TTFs
> > various scripts (about 300 fonts for 25 script systems in different
> > encodings), I lack these letters too.
> Have you got Code2000 by James Kass? I believe it's Shareware, not
> Freeware, but it covers a wide range of scripts. It's a Unicode-encoded
> font, so you need a Unicode-capable environment (such as MS Word >= 97)
> to make full use of it. Also, having WinNT or greater probably helps,
> since that OS uses Unicode internally, as opposed to Win9x, which
> doesn't.

Yes, I've got a demo version of Code2000, but I cannot buy a complete set
because I've got no credit card to make electronic payments. Here in
Ukraine 99.9% of people still use cash, y'see... Also, my comp is not fast
enough to run WinNT or Win2000, so I use Win98 with some extracts from
Office2000 (like Word2000). So all my "exotic" studies are performed with
MIM (Manual Input Methode) ::humor:: ::all laugh:: Sometimes I use Keyman
(it covers lower ASCII). Now I plan to write a *.kmn-driver for Tamil-TSC,
because I like the Tamil fonts using glyphs (like Vaigai). But it takes
sOOOOO much time...

> Cheers,
> Philip

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