Danny Wier wrote:

> Someone who laughs at his own jokes.

Oh, I do *that*.

And wince rather dramatically, with verbal accompaniment, at some of
my other thoughts.

> Talking continuously without any pauses, even between sentences or
> even paragraphs, so that no one can chime in with a comment.

Everyone does this except me.

But the real question is this. Recently I browsed through my Year Four
writing book, i.e. from when I was nine, to get material for a web
page on the stories I wrote when I was young. In that writing book, I
discovered about three pages near the start, entitled "The Helper of
Understanding the Stories in this Book Dictionary" [sp/gr errors
removed], which as it turns out is mostly a glossary of fictional
diseases!! With what word do you describe the sort of nine-year-old
mind that came up with *those*?

The page I'm doing about my old stories doesn't contain any of this,
though. It's more about stories that had an existence outside of the
classroom and are historically significant wrt my history of writing.