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> And guess what: it works! There are no corrupt polticians in Holland,
> simply
> because it doesn't pay to be a corrupt politician. Things that need to
> get
> done get done (define: need to). The worst complaint about politics
> currently in Holland is that it is boring (which it is). Well, I guess
> things could be worse than boring, couldnt't they?

Well, Dutch politics are a little less boring since the arrival of the clown
Pim Fortuin (is that the orthography? I never saw his name written). A sillier
politician you cannot find (I mean: in Holland :)) ). But though silly, he has
to be taken seriously. I've not heard him compared to Berlusconi for nothing...

> Btw, there is still a lot which needs to be done, in my personal
> political
> view. But when I compare The Netherlands to the rest of the world, I
> still
> think that we are off pretty well.

Typical Dutch behaviour: defending their country for everything they do in
front of foreigners, carrying on complaining inside that things are not going
well :)) . For that, they're exactly like the French :)) .


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