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>I myself use different "registers" of Hebrew in
>differents situations (which my wife finds confusing, though she is a
>linguist too. So, if I recite a blessing in an Ashkenazi manner
>[...b@,soir@"sExo...], she says: Amen, but stop hissing.) That's the life,
>folks :-)))

    LMAO... People who know me say that I tend to confuse them when I
ding-dong 'tween prim-&-proper Greco-Latinate English  ["educated egghead
English"] and pretty foul/cheeky polyglot "Gutter Speech" - sometimes in the
same freakin' sentence!  And that the pronunciation also differs - the
academic English is precise and crisply clear, while the more "street-level"
language is - shall we say - like sumt'in' outta _litterature noir_, down ta
a junkie-like slurring. (Also ~ I have been told that when I am royally
pissed off, I tend to "hiss talk.")

        OBCONLANG: This wide-rangin' self-expression is one of the reasons I
am more attracted to ConLangs than to AuxLangs. One can be more colourful in
vocabulary use and abuse in a ConLang than an AuxLang (Is it my imagination
or not that AuxLangers seem to be pretty friggin' uptight puritannical


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