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Sorry if I wake up only now, but I just realised :((( . Another French person
on the list! Mathias! Look at that! :))) We're three!!! Est-ce que j'ai manqué
ta présentation sur la liste, ou tu ne t'es pas encore présenté ? Désolé,
j'suis dans la lune en ce moment... :((

Apart from that, I have nothing to say about the description of a
postpositional system: it's quite accurate. But it doesn't mean that Kioshu has
to comply with this "universal" (which like any linguistic universal is more a
tendency than a strong limitation). Kioshu may well have been until a recent
past SVO or VSO, and just switched to SOV. In that case it wouldn't be
unreasonable that it still has prepositions.

That's the nice thing with conlangs, you can nearly always give reasons to
support your ideas, how distorted they may be :))) .


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