--- nicole dobrowolski <[log in to unmask]>
> froge sionk Clint Jackson Baker...
> > Siyo!
> > My old high school is very unusual for a public
> school
> > its size (right now about 1750).
> um... just out of curiosity.. how many grades does
> that include..?
> my old high school was two separate facilities
> separated by a field
> with Medill Bair schooling the 9th and 10th graders
> and Pennsbury
> High School schooling the 11th and 12th graders...
> _each_ school
> had/has upwards of 1,500 students... or are you
> saying that it's
> unusual because it's small..?

9-12 in one building.  I say it's unusual because it
offers a lot of foreign language for a school as small
as it is, I think.

> > At present they
> > offer 4 years of French and Spanish, 3 of German
> and
> > Latin, and 2 of Japanese.
> well.. first, long ago in kindergarten or first
> grade they taught us
> how to count to ten in Spanish :)...

They pretended to teach us Spanish in 1st grade--how
to count to ten, colors, foods... We had these
coloring books... But I remember how I discovered that
my 1st grade teacher really didn't know Spanish.  I
always loved making those sorts of discoveries. c:<


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