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> Yepyep seems like we are either in a timewarp ... or the LISTSERV is
> more
> than just stutterin', Christophe - it's spazzing out like it's possessed
> by
> gremlins IMO.

Well, it seems to work again. So whether David has managed to solve the
problem, or the listserv recovered from its fever by itself :)) .

> ::sorely wishin' to kick the LISTSERV into functionin' properly, but
> aggravated, frustrated & royally pissed like a Tazmanian Devil in a
> Dufflebag...*GRRrrr SSSnarrrrrrlll SSSSppPPuttttTTeRRRrrr* ... cuz
> violence
> to supposedly "inanimate" technology is not a very logical/reasonable
> solution ;) ::

No, but sometimes it's the best one :)) . After all, since when in computer
science the "logical" solution is the best? :))))

>     OBCONLANG/CONCULTURE: Any vocabulary inspirations from my
> chattering
> about neo-Ludditism and Anti-Civilizationism?
>     Other possible vocabulary? (i.e. aggravation/frustration/anger
> with
> technology and it's glitches/Civilization and its dis-contents/daily
> existence and its dis-eases... ::muttermutter mumble::)

Not yet, but I'm thinking of it (I'm currently working with pieces of
vocabulary of Itakian, and I've made a nice discovery: for the Itakians, it'
the left side which is good and the wrong side wrong :)) . In short, the
adjective for "left": 'a|xra\, also means "fair, just", while the adjective
for "right": xo/fno|, alos means "unfair", and is even nominalised
as 'ixo/fno|, which is a noun of class 8, used for very big objects, but also
with pejorative shades of meaning :)) .

Hehe, one thing is sure, the Itakians are not unprejudiced "enlightened"
people :)) . But at least they are funny in their stubborn way to consider
things the other way round :)) .


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