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> [... ] I strongly suspect (as I said in a previous post) that the constant
low-level >linguistic stimulation I experienced each morning in the shower
during my formative >years played a significant part in keeping my interest
in languages fired up.

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>For me I think it would have to be Sesame Street, which mixes Spanish and
>English educational features.

    Don't laugh: for me, being perpetually confused-and-amused by
bi-lingual/multi-lingual relatives and neighbors _did it_.
    And the zenith of this mixed emotional response was my dad freaking me
out and delighting me with the multilingual wordplay of James Joyce's
_Finnegans Wake_ & the multilingual sections of T.S. Eliot's _The Wasteland_
. I was only like 9 or 10!!! "Permanently scarred I tell ya! Permanently
    Also - in more recent years - envying my polyglot friend Yuri who knows
39 languages - fluent enough to get certified & paid as a "simultaneous
translator" in something like 22-25 of them. . . so fluent in Dutch that some
Dutch people don't think he is really Russian ... and he knows quite a few
strange/oddball languages - mostly NatLangs, but also the AuxLangs Esperanto,
Interlingua and Glosa - besides some of the usual Big Brand Name Languages in
the Top 20 ;)
    When he gets excited or manic, he language-switches way too fast for
anyone with less than polyglot skills. Drives 98.5 % of people absolutely
bonkers ;)
    Yes, I have tried/still trying to get him on this list. He'd be a great
resource at the very least. So far the most I seem to get out of him is some
help with Lego, my ConArtAuxLang. He has argued very ConLang-ishly - and
successfully - in favour of Lego being VSO and not SVO, for instance. BTW
just outta curiosity- I would like to find out more on various VSO languages
- both Nat and Con  ::shape-shifts into Thievin' Magpie Mode ;) ::

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