On Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:15:16 -0800 Jesse Raccio <[log in to unmask]>
> Hey all,
>    Well I have the basis for my yet unnamed lang.
> Could anyone suggest some simple texts for translation
> so that I can give my newborn its first steps.  I have
> been hunting, but have been unsuccessful in finding
> something simple enough that it would not get me bent
> out of shape at first.

<<waves to another Jesse>>

The traditional first text for translation is the Babel Text.  I don't
have the references handy, but googling for "babel text" should turn up
the original and several conlang translations.

If you're looking for something simpler, you might try the Biblical
passage John 1:1-2.  Almost all of the verbs are "was" :-).

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