At 10:42 am +0100 20/3/02, Christophe Grandsire wrote:
>fricative /h/ or aspirates! The French 'r' is a voiced uvular fricative
>(/R/ in
>X-SAMPA). It used to be an uvular trill (/R\/ in X-SAMPA), but the last person
>I ever heard pronouncing it like that was Edith Piaf and it probably died with

No it didn't.  The priest who officiated at the wedding of my son and my
(French) daughter-in-law at a church right in the center of the Hexagone
some seven & half years ago used the most vigorous uvular trills I've ever

Indeed, my elder grandson used to say his French with vigorously trilled
uvular _R_ - but now, alas, he is changing to the effete modern Parisian
/R/ which has surely become a uvular approximant, rather than a voiced
fricative (too little friction - give me the full bodied trill anytime  :)


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