--- Aidan Grey <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> But then I'd have that other common name-
> initial, /v/.

No...  How many people on this list have conlangs with
initial /v/ apart from me?  If I'm thinking correctly,
it's not that common.

> How do you folks name your languages, and what do
> they mean?

Again, if I'm thinking correctly, there was a large
response to this question on language naming about 2-3
mos back -- perhaps if you see the archives for
reference, because I do recall loads on the topic.

As for mine, Vya:a:h is simply the combination of =vy=
(one, as in #1 and not the and =a:a:h=
(language).  Hence, it means "One Language" -- as in
Language #1.


PS - Congrats on the naming of your conlang, I liked
the meanings of the derivatives of the name --
especially "scared tree" (vil, right?).

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