On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 09:04:07PM -0500, David Peterson wrote:
>     P.S.: Anyone heard of this practice of rendering the plural of Macintosh
> as Macintoshen?  Who dreamt this up?

Hmmm, like "Emacsen" wonder which came first? It looks like the idea is
to stick -en onto words which already end in an [s] type of sound.
Is this an extension of "oxen" and a few other words in some rural
dialects (eg "housen") or is it from German???

Since Macintosh << Mac an Toisich << Makwos sendi Towisa:ki
the pedantic plural should be "Micintosh"!

Better leave it or we'll have "octopods" all over again :-)

Keith Mylchreest