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> Well, I'm fifteen right now, and next year I'm going
> to be taking some
> college courses. Yes, I'm early, for two reasons.
> First, I did tenth
> grade over the summer. Second, I'm skipping most or
> all of 12th grade.

Good for you!  I'm 26, and everyday I feel more and
more like I should be back in 12th grade :/.

> Anyway, I'm planning on going to the University of
> Rochester (in New
> York, in the USA) for linguistics. I was wondering
> if there are better
> schools to go to. I've heard that some Canadian
> schools have good
> linguistics programs.

Not sure if this is of much use, but I've "heard" that
the University of Pittsburgh and Ohio State University
(both in the US) offer very sound programs in
linguistics as well as specific languages - Japanese
being one of them.

Although, I belive the University of Tokyo (Japan) has
one of the most prolific profs in Finno-Ugric
languages (Kazuto Matsumura, whose website is

> Actually, I'm wondering whether I should get a
> degree in philology
> instead. Is there a difference? If there is, where
> can I get a degree in
> philology? And where is best to go for a degree in
> philology or
> linguistics? And why do I want to put an h between
> the s and t in
> "linguistics"?

No comment, as I'm not sure myself on any of your


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