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>Subject: Re: Conjunctions
>Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 02:59:51 EST
>  Matthew Kehrt <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> > After reading part of the "Missing Words" thread, this came to mind.  It
> > seems that a lot of languages have similar words for conjunctions-
> > mostly short, vowel-rich syllables.  I was wondering what your languages
> > use for conjunctions.  I'll start by listing the few I have for
> > Evíendadhail.  These can all be used for joining lists of words or sets
> > of independant clauses.
> >
> > Í /i/ 'and'
> > Ó /um....dunno.  English 'long o'/ 'Inclusive or (= and/or)'
> > Iv /Iv/ 'Exclusive or (= either...or)'
> > Sau /sau/ 'but'
> >
> > That's it so far.  How do these compare to yours?  Similar at all?
>Well, in Silindion, the conjunctions seem to have the same amount of vowels
>and consonants as other Silindion words, with the exception of two or
>1) ne _and, but_  (there doesn't seem to be a distinction between the two
>in Silindion...but there might be, I really need to look at this more.)

Oh, neither there is in Mamqosian, and I, too, am afraid that I will need a
"but" sometime.

Mamqosian does a distinction between whether the conjunctions are connecting
words or sentences - if it has different subject and different predicate,
it's a sentence. Maybe even if it only has different predicate; I'm not very
familiar with compound sentences yet.

And is prefix i- to every word you want to connect together. If there is
another group that should be separate from the first one, this uses prefix
And not (neither)/but not is similarly ee- or y-.
These are normally added to every word connected, but if you want to add
something after starting the sentence (or some other cases, like to make the
latter word sound, in a way, less "independent" than the former), it's
enough to put the prefix only to the latter word(s).

And/but is uu between sentences - "but not" would be uusje, or sjeuu to
emphasize the "not"-part - never, not at all.

Or is a bit complicated. Connecting words in normal sentence, exclusive is
prefix ja- and inclusive so-. Between two normal sentences it's ran.
(Like "There is a mouse or a rat in the cellar.")
Connecting words in question sentence, it's tei- and always exclusive.
Between sentences it's rij.
("Is it a mouse or a rat?")
Tei- and rij are questions themselves, which means that you don't need (are
not allowed, actually) to put an additional questioning word in the
(Only that in some questions you must use the ja-/so-/ran -words and
otherwise normal yes/no -question... that's when one alternative is "nothing
at all".)
Congratulations, if you understood this. :)

I don't have anything else yet, unless some conjunction is hiding from me
and pretends to be something else...

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