A excerpt from a silly love song.

Fuke gyutokij kyufulo
I gyutokij d’nyamu
Ez junamal bwalkiithi kapiq
Luzi lilye luzi kdumlo

I na runiij kdumlo
Ebl tslaks d’banyam llol sa
Ebl tpe tslakl i frtfj
I na gyutokij d’nyamuthi

Izfath lo yomlo
Haipijl thij lo be
I runiij tpe tslakk lilye sta

Chorus:  Junama!  Poama dom thailutheka yubam!
        Sunama!  Poama sutii stam!

Ausu, mrakulla
Kwizku, gwaba, inyu
Au nektar, sunama
Mangu, dakwizku

Bananu yism stas
Lilau zwacha
Ala ma haocrda d’ebl tslaq d’gyutoq sleism.


Short translation:

Through the orchard I was walking happily,
In the orchard of grandmother
When an apple fell on my head
I dreamed a most beautiful dream

In this garden I dreamed
I was picking up all the fruit
All the types of fruit that was there
In this orchard of my grandmother.

Then I turned around
And saw before me
The most beautiful fruit of all in the garden.

Chorus:  Apple!  How red your cheeks glow!
        Pear!  How sweet you are!

Orange, maraculla (marakulla????)
Grape, guava, pineapple
Nectarine, pear
Mango, plum

Bananas are gold
and apricots are soft
But you are the most delicious fruit of them all.

There is a script for this language, or rather, many
of them.  Hieroglyphic, demotic and an adapted greek
script.  I am thinking about inventing one that uses a
brush-ink medium, instead of pen and crayon.  I’d love
to post these scripts and more on a websight, or some
other way for people to see them, but sadly lack to
know-how.  Any helps????

Thank you all.  This list has been a great inspiration
to me, and many of your comments have helped and
encouraged me.  Celebrating the 1,001 word of Bakoyu:
Mani = peanut butter.

Again,  munzye, munzye, munzye,

Yubwainku i laiwiiyepec d’gweimatli bakoyu yubwai sa,



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