On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, And Rosta wrote:

> jOHN:
> > > For example, 'Pjat' may be the extrafictional English name, but
> > > intrafictionally its English name might be 'Transylvanian' or such like
> > > (with apologies to John for my forgetting yet again where exactly it
> > > is spoken);
> >
> > In the Republic of Piatland, formerly the People's Republic (or maybe not,
> > considering the changes in Ill Bethisad history), before 1914 part of
> > the Triune Monarchy of Scythia-Pannonia-Transbalkania (which is why
> > the language of record is Court-Gothic, not Piat).

I'm confused about the IB reference this *there*?

And what is Piat?

> > I don't think there's a specific English-language name -- not important
> > enough.
> Can you point out any equally minor Real World European languages without
> an English name? Livonian has under 10000 speakers (I think), but has
> an English name, for example.

I doubt it; Votian, Ludian, Vepsian, Olonets all have English names and
all have few speakers. There are several Hungarian dialects that could be
considered languages, that don't have English names...