On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, John Cowan wrote:

> Frank George Valoczy scripsit:
> > Where is this Triune Monarchy?
> Very approximately the boundaries of Scythia-Pannonia-Transbalkania
> run northeastward from 46N 17E to 47N 25E; then southward roughly
> along 25E, bending eastward into Romania and then westward to avoid
> Bucharest; then northwestward from 44N 25E to 45N 19E (Belgrade is on
> the border); then southward along 19E to 43N; northwestward to 44N 17E,
> and then northward along 17E back to the origin.
> The capital, Bella, is on the Ister at about 45N 23E.

Okay, cool. In which universe?

> Major languages are Gothic (mostly in Scythia), Avar (mostly in
> Pannonia), Slovac^ko, Romanou, and Vlox (mostly in the Mud).
> Minority languages include Turkish, Greek, German, Romany, Armenian.
> And of course Piat.

Did the Magyars never go to Pannonia?