> >There's nothing like a retroflex trill in IPA (and I can't see how to mark
> >it). I replaced it here by the tap.
> Are you sure? Isn't the Irish /r/ usually a retroflex trill?


Irish English, I'd say that for me it's usually an approximant.
I was going to write 'alveolar approximant', but I just had a
revelation while reading your sentence - it *is* a retroflex
articulation, for me anyway. Oh, rhotic dialect so
<hard> /ha`r\`/ :: <run>  /r\`Un/
Wow! I never realised I had a real retroflex!

Irish Gaelic - often just the speaker's English <r> (recall the
discussion a month or so ago about the astonising mutual
intelligibility of <r> sounds?) but often, again for me,
an alveolar tap /4/ (I love that sound).