Judas = amount of money received for betraying someone: 30 sheqels (or its
dollar/pound/euro/yen/etc. equivalent) per person. Includes turning in a suspect
for a reward, or selling (oneself) out. So a kilojudas is selling someone down
the river for 30,000 sheqels, and a millijudas is for 3 agorot.

One microfortnight is 1.2096 seconds. But how exactly is the length of a "New
York minute"?

cuplip = the average distance of the slip between cup and lip, times the
frequency of slips between cup and lip.

timestitch = when nine is saved. (Nine what?)  A megatimestitch, therefore, is
when 9,000,000 is saved, and when only one is saved, that's 0.111111 timestitch.

malesexthought = the average interval for an average male between thoughts of
sex, equal to about 10 seconds or so. (Or less?)

I'll think of some more.