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<< I


> know for Macs though. The problem with using fonts is that you'll get


> problems between Mac and PC (are there Mac equivalents to the IPA

fonts?), or

> even with Linux. >>

    I don't know if this has been answered yet, but there's a font converter
than can convert any Windows font to a Mac font very, very, very, very
simply.  You can get it at Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive (do a google
search and you'll find it).  The problem is that if you name your font
differently than the given name, Windows users won't be able to read it.
Macs, however, don't have trouble seeing Windows fonts under different names,
since, after all, it's just the same font with a different name.
    P.S.: Anyone heard of this practice of rendering the plural of Macintosh
as Macintoshen?  Who dreamt this up?


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