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<< I'll get in at around 11:00 that morning, barring major difficulties.  If
you're not too busy, we could easily meet the afternoon or evening of the
21st. >>

    Evening would probably be best.  Oh, and I also live in and go to
Berkeley.  You'll need directions to get to my place.  Where are you staying
at San Francisco?  Have you ever been there before?  You'll need to take the
BART--it'll cost like $5 roundtrip.  Anyway, I'll be in class from 11 to 2,
then I'll be at home, in various capacities.  The best time for me would be
after 6:30.  However, seeing as it's a rare occurrence, if you absolutely had
to get here between 2-6:30, I'll see what I can do.  :)
    Anyway, here are some directions:
1.) Get to any BART station in San Francisco (one of the most accessible is
right at Powell and Market Street, where the trolley starts).
2.) Buy a ticket (there are little machines; it should be $2.65 per way for
where you're going).
3.) Wait for a Richmond bound train--no other.
4.) Board said train.
5.) Enjoy your ear-popping trip underneath the bay.
6.) Get off at the Berkeley station--NOT the North Berkeley station--such
would be folly.
7.) At this point, I might as well meet you at the station.  But in case I
get hit by a car or large truck of some sort, identify the crosstreets you
come out on.  They should be Shattuck and Center.  From here, you can do two

Option 1 (Highly recommended):
8.) Cross the street eastwise (both streets--there's a little median), then
northwise, and wait in front of the Bank of America at the bus stop, and wait
for the Perimeter Shuttle.  This shuttle will cost a quarter, but if you look
like a student, and reach for your pocket and pretend to be searching for
your wallet as you get on the bus, you can ride for free.  ;)
9.) Take this up not to the next stop, and not to the one after that, but the
one after that, and get off.  It'll be Euclid and Hearst, and it'll come
after you climb a big hill that has only one lane going each direction and at
different heights.
10.) Get off the bus.
11.) Cross the street from the campus side to the other side.  You'll be on
Euclid, in front of a place called "Pane e ciocolatta".  Go up this street to
the first intersection, which will be Euclid and Ridge, and make a left.

Option 2 (If you've gotta):
8.) Cross the street eastwise (you should be on center) and walk all the way
up to the campus (it'll be the only place with grass and trees).
9.) Take a left and walk until you get to the intersection of Oxford (I think
that's the street you'll be on) and Hearst.
10.) Cross the street northwise, and walk all the way up Hearst (it'll be up
a hill) until you get to Euclid.  Take a left onto Euclid.
11.) Proceed up the hill to the intersection of Euclid and Ridge.  Take a
left onto Ridge.

Outcome of Both Options:
12.) Proceed up the hill to the top to 2420 Ridge Road, which will be Ridge
House.  It's across the street from a brick church and next to a place called
Casa Zimbabwe (semi-attached to it).
13.) Ring the doorbell.
14.) If I answer, you're set.  If someone else answers, ask for
me--David--NOT Dave--that will get you a different person.  If it's between
3:30 and 6:30, I'll be in the kitchen.  If not, I'll be in my room.

    And there you are!  Tell me if the directions have changed your mind any.
 Also, if you're taking BART, they stop running after midnight, so if you
wanted/needed to, you could stay at my place and leave in the morning,
depending on your plans, and all.  Let me know what you think.  :)


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