Well, I'm fifteen right now, and next year I'm going to be taking some
college courses. Yes, I'm early, for two reasons. First, I did tenth
grade over the summer. Second, I'm skipping most or all of 12th grade.

Anyway, I'm planning on going to the University of Rochester (in New
York, in the USA) for linguistics. I was wondering if there are better
schools to go to. I've heard that some Canadian schools have good
linguistics programs.

Actually, I'm wondering whether I should get a degree in philology
instead. Is there a difference? If there is, where can I get a degree in
philology? And where is best to go for a degree in philology or
linguistics? And why do I want to put an h between the s and t in

Chris Wright

This reminds me of Guy Noire, private eye, trying to find the answers to
life's persistent questions, such as "Where did this pizza come from, and
is it safe to touch?" --Prarie Home Companion by Garrison Keeler