John Cowan:
> Kala Tunu scripsit:
> > but will there ever be any a nonconlanging
> > public for conlangs? i doubt it.
> Well, I sort of constitute such a public.  I mean, I'm a *really marginal*
> conlanger: I made up a phonology once,

and an associated culture

> and I've played around with my own engelang,

This I am surprised not to have heard of. I know only of your idea for
self-segregating words (the details of which I forget). Is there more?

> though even there I stole most of its ideas from other
> people, and I wrote a book documenting an engelang that I had
> absolutely nothing to do with inventing and have only written a few
> pieces in.

... which happens to be the largest and most comprehensive reference
grammar of a conlang there has ever been.

> But y'all seem to tolerate me around here anyway.

Even if, like Lars, you had not been actively involved with conlanging,
you would have squatocratic rights to be here (if rights were needed).