I think having such a database is an _excellent_ idea.

"I don't know" should be an option in "I have no idea what this
question means" :)

Have you thought about how to prevent the resource from being lost later
on? Too many great resources come and go because they were setup by an
ambitious person and then later something happens and that person's site
disappears...there are many reasons for this...finances, illness,
disinterest, etc. (no offense intended).  A likely solution would be to
find some willing people (I'd keep the list short) to either mirror the
database, or at least have a copy of it so if you get hit by a bus, the
database won't be lost, and one of those persons could set it up (or
simply keep the mirror running).  There are, of course, some technical
issues with this...keeping the "backups" up-to-date/synchronized, etc.
But it'd be better to at least be thinking about it in the back of your
head, just in case.

I'm curious.  What technologies are you planning to use on the back-end?

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> yeah all the categories will have both "other" and
> "undefined/undecided" to select. I will try to have option
> lists as much as possible as opposed to free-typing so that
> the data will be more regularized and comparable.