(Yitzik's note): At first I wanted to send this message off-list, but later
I thought it could be of some use for the others, so I offered it to the

> On March 15, 2002 11:49AM Jan van Steenberger wrote:

> Pryvit, Danny & Yitzik!

Ahow, jak dobre shcho ty j ukrajins'koju trochy wolodijesh!

BTW, one day I tried to design Latinized Ukrainian orthography. It should
NOT be as clumsy as just an English transliteration. If you're able to see
Central European set of characters (esp. in Win encoding), I'll try to
upload some material onto the Web.

> In order to avoid looking like a fool: I know of
> course about the existance of the words "imet'" and
> "jest'". What I wanted to point out, is that in
> Russian they fulfill a completely different task than,
> say, in German, English or French; and that they can
> be omitted at (almost) any time.
> Sometimes I try to speak Russian with my girl friend.
> On those scarce occasions, she corrected me so often
> for overusing the word "jest'" that I decided to stop
> using it at all!

Oh, yes, I've definitely forgotten that you've got a "sleeping dictionary"!

> Vsjoho najkrashchoho,

My reply: I wam toho zh!

> Jan