Frank George Valoczy scripsit:

> Okay, cool. In which universe?

Well.  Originally in the universe of Avram Davidson's stories about
Doctor Eszterhazy.  Later, I thought it would be good for Piatland
to fit into Ill Bethisad, which meant that the Triune Monarchy had to
too.  I no longer know if it does.  Note that the TM terminates in
the Great War and is dismembered, just like Austria-Hungary.

> > Major languages are Gothic (mostly in Scythia), Avar (mostly in
> > Pannonia), Slovac^ko, Romanou, and Vlox (mostly in the Mud).
> > Minority languages include Turkish, Greek, German, Romany, Armenian.
> > And of course Piat.
> Did the Magyars never go to Pannonia?

Scanning Davidson's stuff, I can't find any mention of it.  I would
guess that they are there but not dominant.  We are told that the
pecking order among the kingdoms is Scythia first, Pannonia next,
and Transbalkania last (the Emperor's official title is "Emperor of
Scythia, King of Pannonia, and Basha of Transbalkania"), that
Avar-Ister is the second capital (more often called that in Avar-Ister,
which the map shows at about 44N 25E, than in Bella), and that
Transbalkania is a Confoederats consisting of Vlox-Majore, Vlox-Minore,
Popushki, and Hyperborea.

Aha!  There is a passing mention of a Field Marshal Draculya-Hunyadi.

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