I'm not sure how you would mirror a guess, the "secondary"
servers could do a database query against the primary, and flush it's
existing copy and replace it with the one from the primary.

Backup:  If you have shell access, a very basic way is tell the mysql
client to dump out the entire database w/structure+data (I don't
remember the exact command for this, I'd have to look), compress the
resulting file and store it somewhere offline, as it were.  What I
currently use is phpMyAdmin (it's a great tool for managing your MySQL
database(s)) which includes a backup tool.

phpMyAdmin is available at sourceforge:


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>well, i'm going to have an in-detail explanation of every field
available (via java pop-up window by a link), so that you will know what

>each field means.

>Well, I just recently renewed my domain name until about 2011, so that
won't be an issue. I pay for my server once a year, and it will
>run out in march next year. So, if i set this up and suddenly croaked,
it would run automated for about a year's time :) In any case,
>having a back up is always a good idea. I am planning on programming it
in PHP and storing it by MySql. Unfortunately, i have no idea >how to
back up mysql or have it mirrored... does anyone else?