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>well if it's not for a fictional universe, not a theoretical evolution of a
>natlang, and not a mere naming language, it sounds like it might be a hobby
>language. Maybe it would help if you describe the reason you decided to make
>the language and what use you see it being put towards.

It started as an evolution from Eklektu, which in turn started out as a
kind of experimental language, but changed to focus on borrowing words from
as many languages as I could find. Sort of the conlang equivalent of stamp
collecting, I guess. So the "hobby" designation is about as good as any,
and probably fits Ludireo better than it fits Tirel(h)at.

Fortunately, most of my languages fall clearly into one of the categories,
either a human-speakable sci-fi/fantasy/conculture language, or an
experimental logical language.

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