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> sh is pronounced /S/.  Initial unvoiced stops are *not* aspirated.  R
> is
> an alveolar trill except when after /a/, when it sounds a bit like the
> French R.  (epiglotal trill?  Can't remember the name of it right now).

Why is it that people always want to put the French 'r' twice as far back in
the throat as it really is? Hey people, I'll make it clear once and for all:
the French people don't go past the uvula. Indeed, we don't even have a glottal
fricative /h/ or aspirates! The French 'r' is a voiced uvular fricative (/R/ in
X-SAMPA). It used to be an uvular trill (/R\/ in X-SAMPA), but the last person
I ever heard pronouncing it like that was Edith Piaf and it probably died with

Christophe (humour NOT MARKED).

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