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> No it didn't.  The priest who officiated at the wedding of my son and
> my
> (French) daughter-in-law at a church right in the center of the
> Hexagone
> some seven & half years ago used the most vigorous uvular trills I've
> ever
> heard.

Really? Strange. I thought the uvular trill was a typically Parisian feature...
Maybe an old priest born in Paris?

> Indeed, my elder grandson used to say his French with vigorously
> trilled
> uvular _R_ - but now, alas, he is changing to the effete modern
> Parisian
> /R/ which has surely become a uvular approximant, rather than a voiced
> fricative (too little friction - give me the full bodied trill anytime
> :)

That's really Parisian: they do too much or too little :))) . At least, my 'r'
are full blown fricatives :)) .


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