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> >From: Frank George Valoczy <[log in to unmask]>
> > > Or you could have /r/ as an/the allophone of /t/ in weakening contexts.
> >I
> > > for one don't care much for [D] or [G] -- noting that Finnish dialects
> > > mostly turned [D] into /r/ [r] and [G] into zero.
> >
> >Well, not really. [D] in very many cases has become [v], eg. /katu/, road,
> >stem in Old Finnish /kaDu/, in modern, /kavu/. etc.
> >
> >---ferko
> Either I got very, very confused with transcription, or it is /kadu/. It
> should be /karu/, /kavu/ or even /kau/ in certain dialects, but I can't
> recall hearing anyone use those, so I can't be sure.
> Meaning of the word is more like street.

Either that, or I had a short circuit and was thinking of Votian. Hm. It's
the latter. I was thinking of Votian, of course - kadulle!

However, I do seem to recall some places where OFi -D- became -v-...i just
can't remember offhand where.