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> Ha, mšehe; dumafar tiaj hirey. - I greet you all.
> And I thus declare myself to be welcome to this list. =)

Hehe, welcome! Though to be really welcome, you have to know present yourself
to the list :)) .

> I don't have "have", but that's because my native doesn't either - I'm
> a
> sinner. ;)

Your naitve language doesn't have this verb?! What is it then?!!! <hungry
look> :))

 To my defence, I use different construction to get over it:
> to
> say "I have a son", one must say
> Lor sate faani.
> "Exists boy my."
> or "There is a boy that's mine."
> I had thought this was pretty original,

I would have thought so, but my little booklet about the structure of languages
says that languages like Quechua and Aymara use a similar construction :)) .

Still, I find it an interesting idea. I'll have to try that once :)) .


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