Matthew Kehrt <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> After reading part of the "Missing Words" thread, this came to mind.  It
> seems that a lot of languages have similar words for conjunctions-
> mostly short, vowel-rich syllables.  I was wondering what your languages
> use for conjunctions.  I'll start by listing the few I have for
> Evíendadhail.  These can all be used for joining lists of words or sets
> of independant clauses.
> Í /i/ 'and'
> Ó /um....dunno.  English 'long o'/ 'Inclusive or (= and/or)'
> Iv /Iv/ 'Exclusive or (= either...or)'
> Sau /sau/ 'but'
> That's it so far.  How do these compare to yours?  Similar at all?

Well, in Silindion, the conjunctions seem to have the same amount of vowels and consonants as other Silindion words, with the exception of two or three.

1) ne _and, but_  (there doesn't seem to be a distinction between the two in Silindion...but there might be, I really need to look at this more.)

2) ve _as, while_

3) ome _because_

4) menna _because_

5) mennassa _because_ (a rare poetic form)

6) ine _and so that_ (in indirect statements)

7) ta _that_

8) ina _so that, in order to, nearing_

9) nissa _be it that, if only_

10) sine _therefore, thus, that_

11) ei _but_ (mainly in poetry I've noticed)

12) yanse _if_

13) tame _that_ (in indirect statements, Low Silindion, mostly replaced with <ta>)

And..I still haven't found the nicest sound for a word for OR.

Elliott Lash