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> Finnish.

Wow! You're gonna be wanted on this list! Native speakers of non-Indo-European
languages are always extremely prized on this list!

 Well, if you are interested, then I'll have to be particular:
> it
> _does_ have verb similar to "have" ("having something" as synonyme to
> "owning something"). That's just used only rarely, and I guess this is
> why
> it sounds clumsy - which, in turn, was why I didn't want it in my
> Mamqosian.
> :)

Tell us more about this language. "Mamqosian"? It looks a little Native
American. Was it an influence of those languages or is it just a coincidence?

> It doesn't matter me anymore - not since I started reading books on
> linguistics... but I still sometimes try to do things *I* haven't *yet*
> seen
> in use, if I'm not too busy stealing nice ideas.

The story of my life! :))

> Good luck with it. :)

Shouldn't be too difficult. After all, my latest language has no verb "to
be", "to have", nor verbs of movement ("to go", "to come", "to leave", etc...),
but its numbers, and lots of words that would be considered pronouns or adverbs
in other languages are verbs in this language. Add to that a trigger grammar,
and the mix is quite nice, if difficult to handle! :))


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