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> Also, DEATH TO GEOCITIES!! I've already taken down my homepage from
> there, but I
> was browsing the TIED website, and I click to another page and get a
> suprise
> announcement that I have to wait an hour (at least) because too much has
> been
> downloaded from there or whatever. This is not a streaming mp3 site mind
> you;
> it's mostly text with some pictures. Plus GeoCities stopped allowing
> their free
> customers to use the FTP upload, and I was kinda depending on that. I
> guess
> they're using the recession/stagnation in the tech market as an excuse
> to start
> demanding money from its free-loading tenants.

No free FTP upload? How do you update your pages then?

But if you want a page with a free FTP upload that will stay free forever
(since the provider's called Free, they couldn't easily change that :))) ),
just ask me. But I think I've bothered enough the list with my proposal, so you
probably already know about it :)) .


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