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> Language highlights
> It finally has a name!!!!!!  Bakoyu is what it is
> called.  Ba- as in “Baa baa black sheep”.  -koyu
> rhymes with the malaysian pronunciation of soya.  From
> "Bae" meaning speach, speaking, and "koyu" meaning
> pumpkin.

Too bad it's been a while since I've last heard some Malay...

> 5 long vowels, 4 short vowels, 5 diphthongs, and 3
> timed vowels.  Sorry, my vowels are marked by accents
> marks and I couldn’t show this in my babel text.  Most
> are long vowels anyway.

Well, you can always find ways to transcribe accents in ASCII.
For example, you can write them after the vowel: a` for a-grave.
Or you could use reduplication (aa) or a trailing h (ah) to
distinguish the vowels.

I wonder what those vowels sound like.  Can you explain them
without resorting to too many languages I don't know?  ;-)
IPA or X-SAMPA would be very helpful.

-- Christian Thalmann