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> My favorite method is to use PDF files. They have a cross-platform
> consistent layout, most people have some version of acrobat readre
> installed
> (or they can download it for free), it guarantees that your text comes
> out
> exactly as you designed it, and it can be stored easily.

It's unfortunately quite slow to download, very user-unfriendly in the way
Acrobat Reader takes over your browser, making sometimes the whole computer
very slow (and I use a Pentium III at work. Only on my Pentium 4 2GHz at home I
see nearly no slowdown). PDF files are nice for sending files, but I don't
think they are nice for browsing.

 The only
> problem is
> that it is not easy to create PDF files, but if need be, I can create
> PDFs
> from PostScript files for anyone who wants me to (unless this means I
> will
> be getting 20 files a day to convert).

Well, I can make PDF files from TeX files or DVI files (and my installation of
MikTeX is complete, so I can normally read anything that has been made with
it), but when the fonts used are a little exotic (like the Greek Archaic fonts
I'm using for a little Astou grammar I'm writing), the result in PDF is not
very beautiful. Does it work well in your case?


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