"The important thing is not to have a thousand ideas, but to live one of them."

I so don't take my own advice :p
In recently-hinted new unnamed-lang (currently-titled "Nuif" /nVHf/--aka 'new')
this comes out as:

    El impórtaant n'êt di avier mul idées, meis di viver oun.

    el  impórtaant  n'êt   di avier
    El  im"pOrtA:nt nEht   di "Avi:r
    DEF important   NEG-3S to have.INF

    mul      idées,  meis di viver    oun
    myl      i"dE@   mEjh di "vivr=   un
    thousand idea.PL but  to live.INF one

yeah.  Definitely past bedtime.  Need to eventually put up a Nuif webpage.
Later.  *zzz*