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> I so don't take my own advice :p
> In recently-hinted new unnamed-lang (currently-titled "Nuif" /nVHf/--aka
> 'new')
> this comes out as:
>     El impórtaant n'êt di avier mul idées, meis di viver oun.
> Interlin:
>     el  impórtaant  n'êt   di avier
>     El  im"pOrtA:nt nEht   di "Avi:r
>     DEF important   NEG-3S to have.INF
>     mul      idées,  meis di viver    oun
>     myl      i"dE@   mEjh di "vivr=   un
>     thousand idea.PL but  to live.INF one

A Romance lang with phonemic long vowels and syllabic r's?!!! Plus nice sounds
like schwa, /h/ and /H/!!! I want to know more!


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