At 3:19 pm -0600 21/3/02, William Annis wrote:
> >    And just for ships and grims, here's my top 10 list of conlangs, since
> >people seem to be in a favorite Xes sort of mood. What is your top 10?
> >
> >     10.  Kinya (I really like the alphabet, which is why it's on the list
> >at all, seeing as there really isn't any grammar up at all).

There's some, e.g. the four forms & the six cases.  I rate Kinya highly
also; I like its phonetics, and the fact that, unusually for conlangs, it
considers metrics and poetic forms.

> >     9. Whatever lang "So taul soria thei callu?" is in
>        :)  Vaior.
>        (Interesting list snipped.)
>        I have to say, I think I enjoy looking at other people's
>languages as much as I like tinkering with my own.  I can't do a top
>10 list, but I can surely do a top 5 list (in no particular order):
>        * Uatakassi (even if it confused me in relay5)
>        * Valdyan (what's it now?  Ilaini?)
>        * Amman-Iar
>        * The Verdurian world of languages, just for the audacity of it all
>        * Anawanda

Wot no Tolkien-langs?

They appeared in neither the 'interesting list snipped', nor above.
Personally, Quenya must come high (if not at the top) of my list.


A mind which thinks at its own expense
will always interfere with language.
                     [J.G. Hamann 1760]