>From: Christophe Grandsire <[log in to unmask]>
 >You will be happy that Latin gives us the clue on how to call this form.
 >Indeed, Latin has a derived adjective called the verbal adjective that has
 >exactly this meaning.

        Well, I had considered that, however...

 >                       The verbal adjective has a passive obligation
 >meaning: "which must be ...-ed". So your examples are translated as "quiddam
 >faciendum" and "quidam amandus" or "quaedam amanda" (depending on the sex of
 >that person to love).

        In the examples I gave I don't perceive any obligation, which
is why my mind seized up.  I would take the "to X" construction to
mean something like "which SUB may X."  So, "something I may do."  The
sentence "I need someone to love" isn't really a statement of

        There is a similarity, though.