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Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 8:15 PM
Subject: Re: semi-OT: names

> Siyo!
> I transliterate people and place names to my *very*
> strict phonology.  But I have some rules in
> transliteration beyond the ones governing "normal"
> transliterations (ie ones for deriving roots):
> Initial vowel receives /h/
> Initial /dZ/ and /tS/ transliterate as /hits/
> To fit the phonology, the word has to end in a vowel.
> In order to accomplish this, the -CV combination is
> strictly codified for transliteration:
> -da, -dla, -ha, -ka, -kwa, -li, -mi, -ni, -sa, -ta,
> -tsi, -wa, -ya
> My name and location in Kayasanoda:
> Kalinita (or Kwinita) Hitsakisoni Makeli
> [Clint Jackson Baker]
> Maluminitoni, Hinidihana, Hamelika
> [Bloomington, Indiana, America]

In that case, mine is:

Hitsoni Hitsosemi Hili
[John Joseph Hill)

Wanitahitsi, Hinilanidi, Hunitedi Kinidomi
[Wantage, England, United Kingdom]

I think...I'm not sure what /f/ would turn into.