I actually employed Geek plurals, in my third conlang.  It was a conlang
that used animacy to determine what plural went where, kind of like Breton:

mahand "woman"
brheged "knife"

mahandnerd "women"
brheegeddork "knives"

    However, then there was another set of plurals for plants, since the
speakers couldn't decide whether they were animate or inanimate.  One deals
with plants that are basically thought of singly, and others in pairs or

ghooman "tree"
wlakus "flower" (generally you see a bunch of flowers on a bush, not just one)

ghoomangeek "trees"
wlakusdufus "flowers"

    But then, for lazy speakers, a simple plurality marker formed that could
be put on anything, derived from the adjective "much":

ghoomandweeb "trees"
wlakusdweeb "flowers"
mahanddweeb "women"
brheegeddweeb "knives"

    Ah, yes...  The language was called Phagndekhtr, which, in SAMPA, was
['p_hojn.dE.kstr=].  Quite a language, that.


"fawiT, Gug&g, tSagZil-a-Gariz, waj min DidZejsat wazid..."
"Soft, driven, slow and mad, like some new language..."
                    -Jim Morrison