# Could anone provide me with info on which languages (primarily natlangs ;-)
# have final obstruent devoicing, beside German and Russian, that is?

So, within a european context, I think it's easier to talk about
which *don't* have final obstruent devoicing.

English, Ukrainian, Romanian, and Hungarian. (There may be more, i'm not
100% sure)

Obstruent devoicing can be complicated by the fact that in some languages
(such as Portuguese, and i think Dutch) certain obstruents can be re-voiced
when followed by a word begining with a voiced consonant or vowel.

I recall my historical lingusitics professor saying that it's possible to
trace the "concept" of final obstruent devoicing from egypt/greece to
italy to western europe then to central and eastern europe. (or maybe that was
the definite article)