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>But what is art?  If a pile of neatly laid bricks or a bin of rubbish (can
>of trash) can be called 'art', then what human ARTifact cannot be called
>art?  Surely, by this criterion all conlangs must per_se be art?

    The vision - not the material - is what determines the art. Vision in
this context just means the _intention_ of the artist and the _experience_ of
the audience.

    Take ferinstance the collages of Kurt Schwitters made out of ephemera and
even actual trash found in the streets. Or, similarly, the boxes made by
Joseph Cornell filled with old toys and bric-a-brac from bygone days found in
fleamarkets and estate sales. Or the assemblages by Robert Rauschenberg...
    They made art out of trash. & IMHO there are way tooo many who attempt to
duplicate the same effects as Schwitters, Cornell and Rauschenberg who do not
have vision.

    OBCONLANG/CULTURE: What are some words for "trash," "refuse,"
"discard(s)," "ephemera," "bric-a-brac," etc. in your ConLangs? Do any of
your ConLangs/Cultures have a word for trash turned into something more?
    Words and/or concept(s) of "recycling"? etc.

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