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> Hmm. Isn't today Christophe Grandsire's 26th birthday?

Indeed! Thanks very much! I wouldn't have thought anyone would've remembered,
since we talked about it already a month ago.

> (Why do I even remember that? :)

I don't know, maybe I have made a strong impression on you? :))

> Happy birthday! Or as we say in Cein:
> "Nost far!"
> Sometimes you hear "Nost aleiss!" and "Nost felen!"
> nost      far
> birthday  good
> 'happy birthday'
> _Aleiss_ and _felen_ both mean 'happy'. _Far_ is mutated
> _mar_ meaning 'good'. _Nost_ can mean both 'birth' and
> 'birthday'. Stress is always on the last syllable. Oh, and
> {f} is pronounced /v/.

And how do you answer in Cein to such a nice attention? :))

> This might be a nice translation exercise, come to think
> of it.

OK, I'll do it when it's the birthday of somebody else :)) .


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