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>     I just want to say that I have been admiring Rokbeigalmki for as
> long as I have noticed it.
>     I really "grok" to the way Steg creates multiple or multilevel
> meanings/"shadings" in lexical items - words or otherwise. <esp'ly -
> to me at
> least -  intriguing and inspiring examples quoted/re-posted below>

wow, thanks!  i always used to think that Rokbeigalmki was pretty boring;
then Sally made me re-do the glossary i sent her during the last
translation relay, since the compounds, causative forms, etc. weren't
nearly as boringly transparent as i had thought they were.

> >which happenes to be almost the same as _aole_ [awlE], 'artistic
> >creation' (which is were the AO part comes from).

>     I find _aole_ sorta similar to my conlang's _.linga-.lilaa_
> 'tongue(phallic)-[divine]play' or "language-creation"
>     I am trying to do somewhat similar "motivated root-creations"
> and
> _ex-nihilo_ root-creations for my conlang _ .ur-ae'u'm_ <- ae is
> suppose to
> be digraph "ash,"   'u' is suppose to be umlaut u .  /3:`  @Um/

cool!  can _.lilaa_ refer to any kind of creative activity?
i always liked the different stages in the creation of Your Conlang
Formerly Known as Lego, as well as the evolution that you put it through
every so often into a different form.

> >-Stephen (Steg)
> > "that's so weird... is that normal?"

>     'what? "Normal"? ya gotta be kiddin' meeee... I'll give ya MY
> _normal_
> upside ya head, buster...' ~ from some movie I saw

the "that's so weird... is that normal?" quote is an actual pair of
sentences i said to my girlfriend once when she was describing something.
 i just like it because of the contrast between 'weird' and 'normal' and
the question of how something can be 'weird' and 'normal' at the same

-Stephen (Steg)
 "You will begin to touch heaven, Jonathan, in the moment
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  Because any number is a limit, and perfection doesn't have
  limits.  Perfect speed, my son, is being there."
                    ~ _jonathan livingston seagull_ by richard bach

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