I should note, my offering was Irish, and Elliott's was Scots Gaelig. Two
different langs... I feel pretty confident about mine, by the way. It's
called modesty...

   I also wonder, Elliott, doesn't 'mo' my cause lenition? (I don't think
it was marked at all, but my memory could be screwy...)

    Here's a possible alternate (with a less ambiguous syntax for 'his
ransom, load')

      mo chre/achdan, an e/irig aige.

     /m@ [log in to unmask]@n @ ne.rik

    (or /@ E.rik/  for Elliott's original |a e/irig|.)

    But my Scots pronunciation sucks...


At 06:42 PM 4/12/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>thanks to both of you who replied with help!
>Aidan, you gave the phonetics for your translation, but Elliott seemed a
>little more sure, so I think we'll go with his.  Can either of you give me
>the phonetics for Elliott's translation?  No rush at all, my friend would
>just like to be able to pronounce it accurately as well!  Thanks a million.